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If you are looking for a learning institution that will help your child achieve his or her very best, look no further than Preschool Irvine. Learn about our programs and services here.

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Read our FAQs for answers to some common questions we get asked regarding our programs or curriculum. If you still have other questions, just give us a call—we're happy to help!

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Looking for a Quality Preschool in Irvine?

To parents of young children, preschools can be daunting. If you decide on the Preschool Irvine, you can relax! You will have made a great choice because you will have found a preschool that is able to provide a loving atmosphere where your child will feel safe and secure and will want to learn. At Preschool Irvine, not only do we cultivate such an environment, we also have great results!

The Montessori Alternative

One of the core goals of Preschool Irvine, an educational leader among preschools, is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment where children can cultivate their curiosity and indulge their natural love of asking why. One way in which we promote such an environment is by providing love and security for the children.

Who Was Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori, born in 1870, was the first woman to receive a medical doctorate from an Italian university. It was her goal to cultivate children’s learning and to encourage their work ethic. She believed that children could do much more than others had considered them capable of doing.

Her methods rest upon the idea that children have an innate capacity to absorb information—they teach themselves. Her approach provides an innovative learning experience wherein children learn by observation. Using Maria Montessori's methods, we cultivate confidence, creativity, and a love of learning.

Our Staff

In addition to holding a college degree, each staff member at our Irvine preschool has received a Montessori diploma and each pursues continued education in child development. Through careful training of our staff and our desire to provide the very best teachers for children, we are proud to boast one of the friendliest and most skilled staffs around!

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